Why Pet Food Nutrition Labels Matter

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Pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of what they should be looking for when evaluating foods for their pet. A recent survey found that 92 percent of pet owners read nutrition labels before purchasing a new brand of food for their pet, while 84 percent admit that they would read the nutrition labels more often if brands provided more information on the ingredients, nutrition, and processing practices were included. Freshpet reviews consumer habits as well as the multiple reasons why nutrition labels are becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Some Pets Have Different Needs than Others

One of the biggest reasons that pet food nutrition labels are important to consumers is because we recognize that our pets sometimes have different needs than most. For example, Freshpet reviews the needs of a variety of different pets and specially formulates recipes for pets with differing nutritional requirements. Pet owners with dogs that require a higher protein diet, for example, may consult fresh pet dog food reviews to ensure that they are choosing a pet food that is specific to the needs of their pet. Pet owners with small dogs or dogs with sensitive systems may similarly consult fresh pet dog food reviews, nutrition labels, and packaging to choose offerings that are best suited for their pet.

Pet Owners Care About Quality of Ingredients

As the number of brands in the pet food industry increase, consumers are becoming much more knowledgeable about what to look for in terms of both ingredients and quality. Pet owners in the present are more likely to buy organic or all-natural products for their pets and tend to be more critical about quality and brand reputation when evaluating potential choices. Freshpet dog food reviews consistently speak to the quality of ingredients and their cooking processes, acting as a resource for consumers that are searching for the highest quality products for their pets.

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